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Formāta izvēle: Standarta Norāde MARC formāts
Elektr. resursi    Satura rādītājs.  
ISBN   9780199273355 (hbk)
  0199273359 (hbk)
Nosaukums   The Oxford handbook of bioethics / edited by Bonnie Steinbock.
Cits nosaukums   Handbook of bioethics
Izdošanas ziņas   Oxford ;New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
Fiziskais rakst.   xviii, 747 lpp. ; 25 cm.
Bibliogrāfija   Ietver bibliogrāfiju (nod. beigās) un rādītāju.
Saturs   Saturs: pt. I. Theoretical and methodological issues. Methods in bioethics / James Childress ; The way we reason now: reflective equilibrium in bioethics / John Arras ; Autonomy / Bruce Jennings ; Mental disorder, moral agency, and the self / Jeanette Kennett ; ’Reinventing’ the rule of double effect / Daniel Sulmasy -- pt. II. Justice and policy. Policy-making in pluralistic societies / Soren Holm ; Tiers without tears: the ethics of a two-tiered health care system / Benjamin J. Krohmal and Ezekiel J. Emanuel ; Justice and the elderly / Dennis McKerlie -- pt. III. Bodies and bodily parts. Organ transplantation / Ronald Munson ; Biobanking / John Harris and Louise Irving ; For dignity or money: feminists on the commodification of women’s reproductive labour / Carolyn McLeod --
  Saturs: pt. IV. The end of life. The definition of death / Stuart Youngner ; The aging society and the expansion of senility: biotechnological and treatment goals / Stephen Post ; Death is a punch in the jaw: life-extension and its discontents / Felicia Nimue Ackerman ; Precedent autonomy, advance directives, and end-of-life care / John K. Davis ; Physician-assisted death: the state of the debate / Gerald Dworkin -- pt. V. Reproduction and cloning. Abortion revisited / Don Marquis ; Moral status, moral value, and human embryos: implications for stem cell research / Bonnie Steinbock ; Therapeutic cloning: politics and policy / Andrea Bonnicksen -- pt. VI. Genetics and enhancement. Population genetic research and screening: conceptual and ethical issues / Eric Juengst ; Enhancement / Thomas Murray ; Genetic interventions and the ethics of enhancement of human beings / Julian Savulescu ; Pharmacogenomics: ethical and regulatory issues / Matthew DeCamp and Allen Buchanan --
  Saturs: pt. VII. Research ethics. Clinical equipoise: foundational requirement or fundamental error / Alex John London ; Research on cognitively impaired adults / Jason Karlawish ; Research in developing countries / Florencia Luna ; Animal experimentation / Alastair Norcross -- pt. VIII. Public and global health. The implications of public health for bioethics / Jeffrey Kahn and Anna Mastroianni ; Global health / Ruth Macklin ; Bioethics and bioterrorism / Jonathan Moreno.
Papildapraksts   LinkSteinbock, Bonnie,
UDK   Link614.253 (035)
  Link174:61 (035)
  Link174:57 (035)
  Link61:17 (035)
Monogr. ier. nr.   000363994
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Formāta izvēle: Standarta Norāde MARC formāts

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